The invitation to ‘Shine’ is a conscious creation uniting the gnosis I have gathered from my journey as a therapist, energy healer, and life-long Mystic and Seeker. As the energy has expanded since November of 2011 when A Path toGnosis was birthed, I continue to feel strongly guided to offer a variety of ‘paths’ to fellow Seekers with the intent of honoring and empowering them as they navigate their awakening process. After returning from my pilgrimage to Mexico at the beginning of 2015, the dream of ‘Shine’ began taking root. The vision of this creation is to hold sacred space and provide tools for Seekers to go deeper into their journey of embodying their truth by integrating the ancient teachings of Shamanism via the Galactic Maya, the reclaiming of the Sacred Feminine, and the honoring of the mind/body/spirit connection through embracing the wisdom of the Chakras. Through accepting an invitation to truly ‘Shine’, the Seeker is committing to six 90 min sessions over a 6 Moon (month) window of time (it can certainly be completed in less time!). Each session will have a particular intent and focus with a very unique and personalized touch.

Session 1 - The Cosmos

Seekers will gain an activation into the 13 Moon Dreamspell path by receiving guidance and understanding of their personal Galactic Signature/Archetype, and reunite with powerful archetypal allies that are gateways into ‘Knowing Thy Self’.

Sessions 2-5 - elemental energies

A very powerful exploration into the elemental energies as portals to healing the various aspects of our being.

  • EARTH - Your connection to Pachamama/Mother Earth; The art of manifestation Root Chakra: I am Nurtured.
  • WATER - The Divine Feminine Within; embracing your emotional/intuitive nature. Sacral Chakra: I honor my feelings and the wisdom they bring me. Heart Chakra: I am open to the deep love in my heart. Third Eye Chakra: I trust my inner guidance.
  • FIRE -  The Divine Masculine Within; embracing your will and your power. Solar Plexus Chakra: I embrace my gifts and choose to share them with others. Throat Chakra: I speak my truth freely and openly.
  • AIR -  The Beautiful Mind; “Change happens at the speed of thought”. Crown Chakra: I am open to receiving Divine knowledge.

Session 6 - Being the Change

Seekers will receive a powerful integration of what has come before through an activation and understanding of their personal Sessions will include divination practices, contemplation and processing of significant initiations or experiences that have brought them to this moment in
life, meditation, visualization, ritual, and energy healing.  Seekers will receive materials to take home and will be invited to incorporate spiritual practices and creative expression into their daily experience.


Each session is an investment of $111 or an initial investment of $555 for all 6 sessions.

After completing the ‘Shine’ series, Seekers are invited to be initiated into Reiki Level 1 (training dates to be determined).  The ‘Shine’ series is complemented by the ‘Awakening Your Power of Intent’ retreat playshops held at the turns of the wheel of the Solstices and Equinoxes*


In Lak’ech (I am Another YourSelf),